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Mr. Webster defines teamwork as "Cooperative effort by the members of a group or team to achieve a common goal." In the Southeast region of the AERC, teamwork is synonymous with SERA. The Southeast Endurance Riding Association was founded when endurance riding in the Southeast was in its infancy.  Today endurance riding in the Southeast is only behind the West region in number of opportunities for our members to participate in the sport. In the Southeast there are riding opportunities for riders interested in all aspects of our sport from LD to Multidays.  While the opportunities for riders to participate in the historically foundation of endurance - the one-day one hundred mile ride - have declined to an alarming low level in the rest of the country, the Southeast has maintained a steady number of eight over the last 10 years.

SERA has been a big factor.  SERA promotes endurance riding, supports riders and ride managers.  The SERA team is the members that ride the rides and the managers that sanction their rides through SERA. The members bought through direct contributions and funding directly from SERA - a livestock scale for use at SERA sanctioned rides.  This scale has proved to be a very good education tool that allows the rider to better understand their horse. SERA is in the process of buying a blood analysis machine which will belong to all the members of SERA.  It will also be made available at SERA sanctioned rides for the educational use by the riders and use by the treatment vet.  SERA has a PA system, high output lights, and other items that are available to SERA ride managers to help support their rides.  Without SERA as a mechanism none of these things would exist or even be possible.

SERA members through the SERA trails fund have bought material for five bridges over environmentally sensitive creeks in the Talladega National Forest. SERA members have pitched in to help the forest service construct these bridges.  Because of this we were again able to use the Talladega National Forest for endurance rides.  Talladega is now the home of the Alabama Yellowhammer 3 day Pioneer endurance ride.  SERA is now turning it focus to reviving another wonderful riding area we have lost to endurance rides the Bankhead National Forest.  Without SERA none of this would have been possible.

If you want to be a part of the team that promotes the growth of endurance riding opportunities - you should join SERA. nbsp; If you want to have the access of resources, scales to monitor your horse's weight and a blood analysis machine to help you understand the metabolic capabilities of your horse so you can better manage your horse you should join SERA.  If you want a stable system of quality trails for not only running endurance rides but also for training and just hacking around you should join SERASERA's goal is to make endurance riding in the Southeast region the best it can be. If this is what you want you should join SERA.

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