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SERA wishes to thank APEX (A Partnership For Endurance eXcellance) for their gift of the APEX library of papers, clinics and seminars. We salute the the contributions of all the APEX clinicians and authors, which includes some of the best known names in the sport of Endurance : Ann Ayala, Troy Ball, John Crandell III, Duane Barnett DVM, Cheryl Newman, Stagg Newman, Dinah Rojek, Ann Stuart DVM, Lisa Maxwell, Jeff Pauley and Kerry Ridgway DVM. SERA hopes to continue the outstanding efforts of APEX with clinics, seminars and publishing papers on our web site and in our NewsLetter. If you have ideas, suggestions or just want to help and be a part of the SERA Education Committee - please contact our Education-APEX representitive Lynn Kenelly - eMAIL.